Polyvore users, get your sets back with ShopLook!

1. Your must have already downloaded your file from Polyvore
(deadline for this was May 15th).

2. Upload your .zip file here.

3. We will take care of the rest!

Our Mission and Our Values
We know many of you spent countless hours creating beautiful sets on Polyvore. It is of the utmost importance to us that you never again experience the loss that comes with losing access to your content without warning. Since beginning this journey with Polyvore users, we have been touched by so many stories. Behind ShopLook is a team of passionate female entrepreneurs and exPolyvore members that have made it our mission to build this community with the right values.
Important Details

1. We will only extract your sets, their titles, and description.

2. All sets will be accessible online with a direct link; You can delete specific sets later within your dashboard

3. Users with large histories may experience some issues. Please let us know if this is happening at [email protected] (tell us # of images in your ‘sets’ folder)