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A message to Polyvore users and what to expect
Update on Features- November 8th
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A message to Polyvore users and what to expect

My name is Laya and I am the founder of

First, let me start by saying that it was never our intention to replace Polyvore and we are just as shocked as many of you on the news today.

ShopLook is still a young company was launched in March of this year. We are still a long way away to matching what Polyvore offered (they have 10 years on us!) With the news today, I am personally committed to adding as many of the most loved features that Polyvore had as we can over the coming weeks. Although we may not be able to fully replace this beloved platform, we are committed to working together with users to create the best alternative we can. This, however, cannot be done without your support.

Please sign-up on today and subscribe to us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to follow our progress. This helps us more than you will ever know.

~Update as of October 23rd~

We have been working hard with the community to bring back many of Polyvore's features. Some highlights are easy tools for creating outfits, the ability to add images to ShopLook from anywhere, collections, community features like messaging and commenting and much more.

What you can expect from us in the coming weeks:

  • Improve site usability and design

  • Improved outfit and product discoverability features

What you can expect from us in the coming months:

  • Men's products

  • Home products

Our goal is to create a community where you can feel inspired, connect with other creators and have a platform to share your work with a wide audience. Although we are just getting started, we know together we can accomplish great things.

We look forward to hearing additional feedback and features you love to see. Please contact us at or tweet us.